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Our architecture and interior design project management process often starts with an intensive, multi-day planning period in which we meet the client to exchange ideas, explore possibilities, and develop a plan. During this phase, the client’s needs and objectives are identified. Questions regarding the specific functions of the space, who will be using the space and furniture and equipment requirements are discussed. Measurements and photos are also taken at this time if required.


In the schematic design phase, space planning and furniture layouts are developed. Circulation patterns and minimum clearances are considered and applied to the floor plan. Using hand-drawn sketches, we exchange ideas to establish a visual dialogue with the clients until it’s apparent that we share a common vision. While establishing conceptual aesthetics and layout, we incorporate natural elements such as landscape, sun, views, and topography. The result is a visual road-map that will serve as a guide for the stages ahead.

sketches & ideation

This is that phase of our architecture and interior design project management process where the ideas are laid out in the form of sketches. The schematic design that is finalized in the previous stage is further developed. The floor plans, sections, and elevations are developed with accurate dimensions. The palette of materials and finishes are defined as per the personality of the spaces and designing and how they will be constructed and applied. More importantly, additional details including the location of windows and doors, colors, material treatments and terminations, finishes, furniture designs, etc are also included in the design. The final design is then presented to the client and approval is taken.


Having presented our ideas to your client, there may be some adjustments needed. Once these changes have been incorporated in our designs, communicated and approved by the client, the project can then go live. The approved design is further detailed and translated into the technical language for the contractor.

site execution

On the basis of the final design documentation, the site work starts off. As leading luxury interior designersi, our experience as with a wide range of professionals and skilled craftsmen gives us the luxury of assembling teams with skills tailored to the unique needs of each individual project and to obtain the best combination of pricing, quality, and scheduling. We stop by the job site frequently to oversee the sub-contractors and ensure work is progressing on schedule and as planned. We meet with you regularly throughout your architecture and interior design project management process to address any of your concerns. Following the execution, we coordinate the delivery and installation of your furniture, furnishings, accessories, and artwork.
site execution


A well-designed environment is worth the time it takes to create. Building someone’s dream space is a privilege that we take much joy in, as much for the finished product as for the process itself. Taking the time to understand and design for our clients is not just part of the job, but truly a pleasure for us. When all is said and done, we take great pride in not only the spaces that we have worked on and designed, but the relationships that we built along the way with the clients. From conception to completion, we are proud to be there for our clients every step of the way.

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