Rectangle Interiors

our core purpose

Our approach is to be friendly and as helpful as possible.


In-House people & Skills.

All the key design and project management skills are in-house, meaning we have the ability to carry out the creative and layout work at the same time as we consider technical aspects of the project such as specification and budget.


Team Management

Each Project Team is managed by its’ own Senior Partner. The Design, Technical and Construction Teams work together from the outset to resolve every aspect of your project, meaning there are no overlaps


Clear Communication

Rectangle Team will receive and communicate all project information, coordinating and liaising with the Client’s own team during weekly meetings and daily updates

We are very happy with the quality of the work and speed of execution

Pradeep Sagar CEO – Kinderville International


bespoke solutions.

Another key Rectangle strength is our ability and willingness to get to grips with each Client’s particular circumstances and requirements, and then tailor the solution around them.


Fast Track Project Development

The whole project can be divided into manageable packages that can be designed concurrently with both technical and budget development


seamless process

Having the design and project management skills in-house also means we have the ability to carry out the design work, technical developments, and costing processes simultaneously.